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There are no tricks, just point and shoot

As a hobbyist, I have spent a significant amount of time chasing professionals in an effort to hone my skills and passion for getting a great image. What I have found is though they may be technically sound in their profession, they are just that "Technical". This is not a knock but an observation such that for some they seemed to have lost the passion of capturing that which makes it fun.

I chase artist, musicians whose passion to deliver on stage matches that which I am trying to capture. Freezing the moment, that held the crowd, seizing the moment in time that allowed the artist to become one with the audience. The way to position oneself is to simply have fun. Forget the "techno" babble and jargon - just find your core and have fun, just enjoy yourself. Yes there are purest and far more skilled and experience individuals, whose authority in our field far exceeds my own.

So make it easy on yourself, take your pictures, edit as you see fit not to some theory and make it fun....; find a way to promote your content and images.

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